[Samba] Loading Printers via a logon script

Terry L. Eleiott teleiott at tke-companies.com
Tue May 11 14:55:29 GMT 2004

Server OS:        Redhat Enterprise 3.0

Samba:             3.0.2-6.3E setup as a PDC

Clients:             W2K & XP

Printing:            Cups


I use logon scripts to map the drives and load the printers for each client
user and machine.  The W2K machines have no issues when loading the printers
via the logon batch file, but the new XP machines complain as follows:


"A Policy is in effect on your computer which prevents you from connecting
to this print que.  Please contact your system administrator."


It should be noted that I can load the network printers as administrator at
each client computer which in turn will then allow the printer loading for
each client user via the logon batch file.  However, I wanted to automate
the printer loading to each client rather than having to manually load them
at each client.


I do not have this problem when loading printers on XP clients via a batch
file from a Windows 2000 PDC.



Any help would be appreciated.





Terry L. Eleiott, P.E.




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