[Samba] Re: samba quotas

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon May 10 20:45:51 GMT 2004

>> > I was never able to use the quota functions of samba. I use
>> > Suse 8.2 with Samba 3.0.3 and XFS. Even the latest samba 
>> > version doesn't recognize quotas correctly. For me quota 
>> > code is broken since beginning in samba.
>> I didn't know it was broken. What's broken? It works fine
>> for me.
> I don't know if quotas are broken in general but I was never 
> able to get them work. I tried both compile options, 
> --with-quotas and --with-sys-quotas

One's own rebuilds are OK. But do use SuSE's spec file because 
it includes most anything you could want in your samba package.
Like acls and quotas for example. Even if you want something
very special it's easier to configure with the spec file.

>> I don't limit users. I limit projects (groups).
> I only use user quotas.
> Samba take care of quota restrictions. Users can't write more 
> data than allowed by quotas. But clients don't show used space 
> and free space correctly. It shows complete disk usage and 
> complete free space instead of space used by user and max. 
> space allowed by quotas

So that's the rub. Is that how an MS Server would behave?

It would show the capacity available to you as individual
quotee? If it does, then there should be a smooth way to
reproduce such behaviour for those who expect it, even if
I don't personally think it makes much sense. I mean,
free disk space is disk space not yet wasted on live
files and available quota space is, well, available quota
space. I would expect another mechanism to show me that
value, not disk free.

I'm not sure that samba is meant to show available quota
space as disk free. The option "dfree command" sounds
rather like it is provided as a fix for other possible
problems but it's perfectly legitimate to tweak it in your 

>> What did you think was wrong with quotas in samba?
> Thats the reason I've written it seems broken for 
> me and not in general. I don't know why it's exactly 
> not working.
> I don't know why they don't work for me.
> I use Suse 8.2 standard installtion with all updates.
> filesystem is XFS.
> Samba is 3.0.3, self compiled.
> Quotas are working fine but not in samba.

Hold on there. What do you mean by the last sentence? 
Is it the disk free value erroneously showing total disk 
capacity minus occupancy instead of what you would expect 
from an MS server, or is it that quotas are not enforced 
by samba so that you can allocate more than you should be
able to?

> I've atached quota relevant parts of config.log.
> I would be glad if you find an error in my configuration.

I might come back to that log, after we make clear what 
exactly the problem is. You probably mean to say that 
samba handling of quota is broken because it doesn't 
behave the way you expect it to regarding the display 
of free space. I can't say for sure without MUCH more 
burrowing through the code but I guess that it's not 
implemented that way.

You found and implemented an exemplary fix for it.
Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

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