[Samba] schannel issue on samba 3.0.3

Ralf Tomczak r.tomczak at scitech-gmbh.de
Mon May 10 18:49:46 GMT 2004

Hi there,

I've seen a strange thing not reported yet AFAIK.
We have W2K DCs with SP3 with Samba 3.0.2a everything works fine in regard
to winbind, but with Samba 3.0.3 winbind produces schannel len 24 errors and
'wbinfo -t' and 'id DOMAIN\userid' doesn't work. Note that wbinfo -u|g works
well and a join was successful as well. I tried to tune my krb5.conf but in
the end I disabled 'client schannel' in smb.conf. Does anyone know what is
going wrong exactly? Is there a reasonable security risk? 

Best regards,

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