[Samba] Suse Linux OpenExchange Server (Samba 2.2.5) and XP

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Mon May 10 16:18:03 GMT 2004

Simon Hobson schrieb:

> Sorry of I'm going over old ground ...
> We are in the process of putting in a Suse Linux OpenExchange Server 
> (SLOX) which at present includes Samba 2.2.5*. We are also attempting to 
> use this as a PDC for XP clients that we are going to be rolling out.
> Now, everything seems to be going down the pan, and it looks like the 
> problem is that XP has dropped support for 'old style' controls and only 
> supports Access Control Lists - so tit seems to log in a user, but then 
> the permissions are all screwed as it can't get the info it wants from 
> the server. Reading the howtos suggests that Samba 3* supports stuff 
> that XP is looking for, but the guy who we've taken on to do the XP 
> stuff isn't convinced - suggesting that even with 'group mapping (is 
> that the right bit ?) XP will still fail.
> All I want is for users to have to authenticate against the central 
> database (LDAP), and for the various group memberships to be honoured 
> when accessing files off the server.
> Has anyone else dealt with this sort of thing ? Does XP work reliably 
> with Samba 3 as PDC ?
> * Why 2.2.5, well it's all down to support and integration. The whole 
> system is supplied and installed as an integrated package - with Samba 
> already set up to use the LDAP database that is begind the groupware 
> stuff etc. The consultants setting all this up say that they have put 
> Samba 3 in there for another customer without problems, but obviously 
> it's not something Suse will support (yet, I guess it'll come during 
> some future upgrade). I think it's a case of selecting packages (and 
> versions) for stability (and the work in integrating any upgrades), 
> rather than being bleeding edge'.
> I'm also told that if we have roaming profiles, then the XP machines 
> will store loads of c**p on the server and keep moving it back and forth 
> as each user logs in/out - is this the case ? Is there any way of 
> dealing with it (eg having the machine pull the files down as needed) ?
> It's been suggested that since we don't actually have people moving 
> between machines, it would be better not to use roaming profiles (for 
> the reason given above). How esy is it then to have user default to 
> their home directory on the server instead of 'My Documents' ?
> Simon
> PS - any help gratefully received, preferably before my manager starts 
> saying things to the effect of "this wouldn't have happened if you'd 
> stuck with MS".
Hi , samba 3 acts perfect as pdc,
with all stuff you might need ( include roaming)
but its not an active directory.
but you forget slox is prof produkt, if you upgrade
you will have version 2.2.8a or perhaps
2.2.9 , slox is a universal server it can do many things
and suse has implemented many guis to control , samba dhcp postfix cyrus 
and so on , this is all done with ldap,
to clear you have to talk to suse , cause its there job to upgrade your 
packs in a whole for slox ( cause you payed for it !!!)
i worked with version slox 4 which was a very nice pdc
but i decided to part samba from the machine, and slox only does mail now.

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