[Samba] Newbie multiple problems no solutions

Florin Grosu florin.grosu at igeoss.com
Mon May 10 13:56:43 GMT 2004

I installed recently a samba server 3.0.0-15 on Fedora as PDC, it works 
- generally speaking - but i have a few problems with it (I should begin 
with "i'm samba virgin - my first time :) ). So, first thing, i was 
expecting to have something like windoze network neighbourhood in 
konqueror (smb://), meaning  all computers from my network browseable no 
matter what system they have (actually only xp and linux), which is not 
the case though. I managed to join xp computers on my domain but i 
cannot login with any valid user but still i can see all windows from 
linux - using workgroup instead of domain. Other linux clients can 
browse the server and windows machines, but they don't appears as 
workgroup machines (i'm using nfs), actually all i can see it's all 
windows computers and the samba server from all systems. Well, the 
question is how linux clients join the domain? I think that if they do 
join, they will also be visible in konqueror (:-/).
In logs i found the following errors:

nmbd/nmbd_packets.c:send_netbios_packet(163)  send_netbios_packet: send_packet()
to IP port 137 failed : 14 Time(s)
nmbd/nmbd_processlogon.c:process_logon_packet(95)  process_logon_packet: Logon from code = 0x12 : 60 Time(s)
rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:api_pipe_netsec_process(1343)  Invalid auth info 68 or level
5 on schannel : 14 Time(s)
rpc_server/srv_pipe_hnd.c:process_request_pdu(605)  process_request_pdu: failed to
do schannel processing. : 14 Time(s)

Any idea what does that means? My searches didn't returned any usefull 

For the moment i stop here, any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

BTW, the config file:

# smb.conf
# debug lines added by Florin - see the site bellow
# http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=117825
idmap uid = 10000-20000
idmap gid = 10000-20000
# end debug
workgroup = internal
server string = Samba
netbios name = igeossserver
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
max log size = 50
security = user
encrypt passwords = yes
smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
unix password sync = Yes
passwd program = /etc/pam.d/passwd %u
passwd chat = *New*UNIX*password* %nn *ReType*new*UNIX*password* %nn 
socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
local master = yes
os level = 64
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes
domain logons = yes
logon path = \%LProfiles%U
wins support = yes

dns proxy = no

#============================ Share Definitions 
comment = Home Directories
browseable = yes
writable = yes

comment = Network Logon Service
path = /home/netlogon
guest ok = yes
writable = yes
share modes = yes

path = /home/profiles
browseable = yes
writable = yes
; guest ok = yes

Best regards,

* There are really two of me; if what I say is stupid, it certainly came from the other guy. *

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