[Samba] Suse Linux OpenExchange Server (Samba 2.2.5) and XP

Adam Williams awilliam at estate1.whitemice.org
Mon May 10 14:04:38 GMT 2004

> >Every day, we've had a Samba PDC with LDAP backed since 2.2.1a
> Be aware though, that SLOX has a slightly wierd LDAP layout, at least 
> the version we tested here did.  All the users were in the base of the 
> LDAP tree.  You'll also end up with machines in the LDAP root, assuming 
> you didn't find a way to change the defaults of course.  You shouldn't 
> have any problems doing that, but things look a bit goofy compared to 
> many other LDAP servers with things like ou=People, ou=Group.

We've faced this problem with a couple of packages (not SLOX, never used 
it) that "demanded" Dit strucuture a certain way.  It is rather trivial to 
create a subordinate partition with back-meta that mirrors data from the 
'real' sections of the Dit, and to use that subordinate as the base for 
the grumpy package.  So far it has always worked.

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