[Samba] Slow network performance with winXP clients and samba 3.0.x

Andrew Nicolson andrew.nicolson at fdc.net.nz
Mon May 10 10:53:11 GMT 2004

Hi There...

I have a copy of the SAMBA howto and have a question regarding text on pages 364 and 365.

I would like to try this approach to speed things up on my network. It takes about 90 - 240s to logon and logoff from brand new (3.0GHz) XP clients to a dual 600MHz server with 512Mb ram running 6 clients. Network is 10baseT.

The following is the selection of the document that I am referring to. I have highlighted where I need more info:

There is also an entry called "Default" that has no value set. The default entry is of type REG SZ, all the others are of type REG EXPAND SZ.

===> It makes a huge difference to the speed of handling roaming user profiles if all the folders are stored on a dedicated location on a network server. This means that it will not be necessary to write the Outlook PST file over the network for every login and logout.

==> (which registry key do I put this into?) To set this to a network location, you could use the following examples:


This would store the folders in the user's home directory under a directory called Default Folders. You could also use:

\\SambaServer \FolderShare \%USERNAME%

in which case the default folders will be stored in the server named SambaServer in the share called FolderShare under a directory that has the name of the MS Windows user as seen by the Linux/UNIX file system.

Please note that once you have created a default profile share, you MUST migrate a user's profile (default or custom) to it.

Thanks very much for your help!

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