[Samba] Domain server member cannot locate logon server.

Paul Taylor paul at nms.com.au
Mon May 10 05:10:18 GMT 2004

I have a RH90 linux computer running Samba 3.0.3 that functions as a PDC.
Netbios name = MAIL
Everything runs fine.

I have another RH90 linux computer running Samba 3.0.3 as a Domain Server
member. Netbios name = WEB

I can browse to WEB, but cannot browse into WEB. Each time I try to connect
I get a message that indicates a logon server is not available.

If I execute 'smbclient -L web ' in a terminal window on web, I am asked for
a password. I enter the 'root' password and get the message "session setup

I have searched high and low for an explanation.
Can anyone shed any light on my problem?

Thank you.
Paul Taylor

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