[Samba] Knows linux but NO MS, needs help setting up PDC for school

Shaun Savage savages at savages.net
Sun May 9 18:31:46 GMT 2004

Hi folks

I have worked with Linux for 8 year and have not touched MSwindows.   I 
hneed help setting up XP-pro and Samba on Linux.

My local school has asked me to setup a computer network using MSwindows 
XP as clients and Linux as the server.  I have no experiance with 
MSwindows (it's evil).  The MSwindows computers has Mozilla, gaim and 
openoffice installed. I have bought both " The official Samba-3" and 
"Samba-3 by example" but there is no XP configuration.

I want to setup the network with Linux/Samba as the PDC (control logins) 
and then "user" based auth.  But not knowing MSwindows I don't know what 
some to the terms mean.

I have simple "share" mode working and printing. But I get lost after that.

Please help me off list.


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