[Samba] Windows 2003 Active Directory and Group Access

Franz Gsell vl950t at freenet.de
Sun May 9 15:02:50 GMT 2004

Hi together,

I have still the problems I have mentioned below. Is there any developer who
can help me? If it is not possible to find a workaround, I have to enter
every user explicitly in the "valid users" option, and there are about 100
users who are trying to access the share. It would be great if a developer
can tell me more - perhaps I can make a hack by myself - but it's very
difficult to understand all source files and how they work together.

Kind regars

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Hi Alex,

Yes I have already tried this settings:

"winbind use default domain = yes"


"valid users = @AMATEC.LOCAL+GG_Entwicklung"

But this only works for windows 2000 Clients and not for Windows XP Clients.
As you have written before everything works without "winbind use default
domain = yes" but then a user has to login e.g. for ssh with

I don't think it's a good idea to hack the pam module too, perhaps is there
another possibility - perhaps any of the developer team has a workaround?

Kind regards

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Hello Franz,

You can try to set "winbind use default domain = yes" again and use as valid
users: "valid users = @AMATEC.LOCAL+GG_Entwicklung"

I've found in a faq the following:

Q: I tried to set valid users = @Engineers, but it does not work. My Samba
is an Active Directory Domain Member server. Has this been fixed now?
A: The use of this parameter has always required the full specification of
the Domain
account, for example, valid users = @"MEGANET2\Domain Admins".

You can always try if this work, while hacking pam_winbind.so seems not to
be a good idea to me.

Best regards,

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thanks for your help - now it works :-))))))) But there is a new problem. We
log on to the linux machine for email and ssh and so on. So the new problem
is that a user is now AMATEC+testuser instead simple testuser (for the pam
module). But I think we can make a hack to the pam_winbind.so file to add
"AMATEC+" to the entered username (so a user has not to enter
AMATEC+testuser but only testuser). Or is there a better way?

Kind regards


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