[Samba] samba quotas

Rohit Kumar Mehta rohitm at engr.uconn.edu
Fri May 7 18:54:13 GMT 2004

Hi guys, we need to update our samba service from 2.2.8a to samba 3.0.x 
(so that we
can upgrade our AD from Win2k to Win2k3).  The problem I am having is 
with the quotas.

We mount user home directories NFS and then export them to Windows users 
via samba.
In 2.2.8a I was able to get quotas working.  However with samba 3.0.x, I 
I compiled --with-quotas.

Now when a user uses a 3.0 share, they see the space available on the 
whole disk, and
when they save large files that push them over their hard limit, they 
can lose data.

Does anyone know if there is a solution for us?

PS: Our samba server is a Debian Woody Linux box with quota package 
installed.  The command
quota -v username works as expected.

Many thanks,


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