[Samba] Samba basics

Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Fri May 7 13:28:11 GMT 2004

Have Desktop made sure that the IP address (if static) and the computername
are as they were before the drive swap ?

Just a thought.


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> Hi,
> I know little to nothing about samba so need some advice on a problem I'm
> having.
> One of my users is trying to mount a UNIX directory onto his PC and gets
> error "not authorised from this station". He was able to do this until he
> had his hard drive swapped out. Desktop have said they all settings are as
> they were previously and that this is a UNIX issue. Other users on the
> network are not having this problem and the user in question can mount the
> directory from another PC which would suggest this is a problem with that
> specific PC.
> I have checked that all relevant smb/nmb procs are running and there are
> errors in the logs. I can ping/traceroute to the PC and the PC can ping
> UNIX box. I believe this is a local PC issue and wondered if anyone could
> help me determine this as the problem is flying back and forwards between
> UNIX and Desktop and the user is starting to get p$£%d
> Thanks in advance.
> Ben
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