[Samba] Need help on Samba Printer Port

Farget Vincent farget at olfac.univ-lyon1.fr
Fri May 7 12:45:54 GMT 2004


I have 3 HP network printer with internal jetdirect board. One 4000N, 
one 4050N and one 4200N. All are share on my PDC Samba server which is 
under Linux Debian stable Woody (v3.0rX) : Samba v2.2.3a-13.

I have a little question that I cant' answer my self :
Can it be a problem if all of these printer have [Samba Printer Port] as 
their 'portname' ? (or 'portname' must be different for each network 
printer) ?

Is their somebody who have the 'same' config as I have : several printer 
share by one Samba PDC ?

Best regards.
Mr FARGET Vincent
Universite Claude Bernard LYON 1
CNRS - UMR 5020
Laboratoire des Neurosciences et Systemes Sensoriels
50, avenue Tony Garnier
69366 LYON Cedex 07

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