[Samba] Administrator rights for Windows update?

Clint Sharp clint at typhoon.org
Fri May 7 07:28:32 GMT 2004

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 22:43, Nicki Messerschmidt wrote:
>SUS works surprisingly well, but I think you can just set a policy for
>the machines to update themselves automatically from the master site if
>you wish. 
>Andrew Bartlett
We're considering a SUS deployment.  What are you (or others on the 
list) doing to push the policy to tell the clients which SUS server to 
pull the updates from and when?  From the Microsoft documentation I 
read, it appears this is best achieved through GPO, which is obviously 
not an option with a Samba PDC.  I've considered using regmon to see 
what changes GPO writes and adding these to a login script (using runas 
and sanur to install the settings from the login script, like we do for 
most everything that requires admin privs), but I was hoping someone had 
already solved this problem.  Ideas?


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