[Samba] default roaming profile for Samba 3.0.2a / WinXP P

Uwe Bering edv at lwv-friedberg.de
Fri May 7 07:00:57 GMT 2004

Hi togeteher,

Server: Samba 3.0.2a as PDC, no LDAP, no Kerberos 
Clients: WinXP Prof
all working, dom-Logons are ok.

When I add a new linux-user, there ist a default profile for the 
linux-user in the skel-directory.

Does Samba provide a 'skel-profile' for new samba-users (=domain-
If so, where do I have to put the default profile and 
do I have to set special owner / group / rights to the profile?

By the help of google I found the hint to create a directory 
.../netlogon/Default User
and to put a default profile into it. (I also tried it with 
.../profiles/Default User)
When creating a new samba-User on the linux-box no profile was 
created for the new user.

When using the WinXP-Tool to copy a profile from one user to another 
user, the copy of the profile was not accessible. The new User on the 
client only got the default profile

Do you have any hints or suggestions?


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