[Samba] Re: How to tunnel Samba via ssh from Windows XP without having to disable local NetBIOS

Mike Beaton mjsb at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri May 7 00:27:22 GMT 2004

> even though this card works fine for *everything* else

'Everything else' being all those situations in which the network connection 
on this card doesn't need to use "Client for Microsoft Networks".

The final piece of the puzzle: the network connection for the Microsoft 
Loopback Adapter *does not* need "Client for Microsoft Networks", but all and 
any network connections on cards which actually connect to the internet do 
need it.

net use, net view, etc. will only work if the genuine, final connection to the 
internet is through a card with "C4MN" enabled (but smbclient & telnet ... 139 
do not need it, of course...).

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