[Samba] Re: How to tunnel Samba via ssh from Windows XP without having to disable local NetBIOS

Mike Beaton mjsb at sdf.lonestar.org
Thu May 6 22:51:22 GMT 2004

I have downloaded smbclient for Win32 from 
http://www.leenux.org.uk/lpackham/smbclient/ and I have found that

smbclient //samba/username -U username

*works perfectly well* even at the same time, on the same network card (only 
wireless card and loopback adapter enabled), that

net use h: \\samba\mjsb20 /user:mjsb20 /persistent:no

does not work at all (with 'System error 53').

So the answer to the main question about my own tunneling solution, 'what's 
wrong with it?', seems to be 'nothing'. Instead there is something wrong with 
the network setup on one of my two network cards (the wireless one) - I always 
get the above weird situation when connected on one card, never on the other, 
even though this card works fine for *everything* else. Has anybody got any 
ideas? I can't find any noticeable differences between the setup of the two 
cards at all. (The QoS and Interface Metric settings on the cards were 
different, but now they're not, & no change in the problem.)


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