[Samba] Post migration issues LDAP

Philip Washington phwashington at comcast.net
Thu May 6 22:01:37 GMT 2004

We have tried to migrate from an NT4 server to Samba3-LDAP and we are 
having the following issues.

1. User passwords did not migrate.  We can change the password in the 
LDAP database using smbtools and then the user can login.

2. Once a user logs in the local profile changes.  If the user logged in 
using the NT4 PDC and then we logged the user in using the Samba3 PDC a 
new profile was created. (New 'My Document' folder).

Is this what is considered a migrated system?
Has someone else done this and not run into these issues or is this 
considered a completed migration?

In the documentation I have read so far, I have not seen these issues 

I am primarily using "Samba3 by Example" and "Samba3 HowTo and Reference 
  Manual" as a guide.

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