[Samba] Samba and Winbind ?

Talwar, Puneet (NIH/NIAID) PTALWAR at niaid.nih.gov
Thu May 6 15:44:04 GMT 2004

I have a question about Samba and Winbind setup.  I have successfully setup
Samba, Winbind and Kerberos w/out any problems and I am even able to pull
all the info from the AD user list running the wbinfo -u, and -g and the
getent passwd as well.  The question I have is when it comes time to login
to the Linux box from via console using my AD account and password it for
some reason fail to do so, so I was wondering do I need to create a local
account the linux which has the same username in the passwd file?
Puneet Talwar

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