[Samba] slow connecting to mapped drive after restart smbd

tms3 tms3 at fsklaw.net
Thu May 6 11:39:14 GMT 2004

It could be a WINS type problem. Try mapping the share this way and see
if the problem persists:

\\IP_Adress of samba server\share-name

steven.tse at possehlelectronics.com.hk wrote:

>I have a running samba3.3 as a file server in NT4 domain.  After a several
>weeks without rebooting, I found alot of SMBD process exist and they
>occupied a high usage of CPU, so I restart SMB service then all the thing
>seems work nice again.  However, after this restart, some of the user report
>that they are very difficult to connect to the mapped drive, they have to
>wait for a long time to connect.  This case is not always happen, but
>occured sometime.  
>I would like to ask, is that mean I should not restart the SMB service?  or,
>how can I restarting it without problem?  Please kindly advise, thankyou.
>Best Regards,

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