[Samba] Re: More roaming profile-Windows XP Data

Wim Vandermissen wim at bofh.be
Thu May 6 08:38:01 GMT 2004

Bill MacAllister wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Samba 3.0.2a PDC that I have joined server Windows XP machines 
> to. Joining the domain was painfully enough, but now I am having 
> problems with roaming profiles.  We initially thought the problem was 
> intermittent, but we finally figured out that if the same user logs in 
> again and again the roaming profile is found and login proceeds 
> normally.  When a second user attempts to login to the system the 
> "cannot locate the server copy of your roaming profile" message 
> appears.  Until the system is rebooted no one that attempts to login, 
> even the user that originally logged in successfully, can load their 
> roaming profile.  Is there something else to set on the client other 
> than the "do not check for user ownership of roaming profiles folders" 
> group policy that I have missed?

I've had the same problem with roaming profiles. Do you have "map to 
guest = Bad Password" in your smb.conf ?

If so try changing it to "map to guest = Never" this solved my problems.


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