[Samba] More roaming profile-Windows XP Data

Bill MacAllister post+samba at macallister.grass-valley.ca.us
Thu May 6 08:00:59 GMT 2004


I have a Samba 3.0.2a PDC that I have joined server Windows XP machines to. 
Joining the domain was painfully enough, but now I am having problems with 
roaming profiles.  We initially thought the problem was intermittent, but 
we finally figured out that if the same user logs in again and again the 
roaming profile is found and login proceeds normally.  When a second user 
attempts to login to the system the "cannot locate the server copy of your 
roaming profile" message appears.  Until the system is rebooted no one that 
attempts to login, even the user that originally logged in successfully, 
can load their roaming profile.  Is there something else to set on the 
client other than the "do not check for user ownership of roaming profiles 
folders" group policy that I have missed?


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