[Samba] slow samba performance vs. w2k

Federico Grau grauf at rfa.org
Wed May 5 15:59:40 GMT 2004

Hi samba folk,

Firstly, thank you for an excellent project!  

We are attempting to use Samba on a NAS unit running GNU/Linux which will be a
data store for a couple hundred BE AudioVault Vault2 clients

However, we have been experiencing much worse performance using Samba vs. Win
2k server.  This is immediately apparant when using the BE NFServer software,
which syncs two SMB shares with each other; Win 2k server performs at 60
megabytes/minute while Samba is only performing around 15 megabytes/minute.

I have posted some packet captures using tcpdump comparing a successful vs. a
problem transfer here:

Details of our software and hardware are documented here:

How can I further diagnose and correct this problem?

thank you,

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