[Samba] Deleting files on ext3 via Samba

Tomáš Polák Tomas.Polak at jaga.sk
Wed May 5 14:45:08 GMT 2004

first sorry, if I am posting this proposal to wrong place, I have not found better one.

We have using Samba on Linux server, where we have ext3 file system.
Users have W2K and sharing their files vie Linux Samba shares.

Sometimes users deletes files, which their next day needs
to be undeleted. Under W2K there is smart Trashcan mechanism
to cover such cases. Under Linux ext3 exists solution "safedelete", 
which replaces rm command via alias and creates directory Trashcan, 
where deleted files are moved to.

But users accessing Linux server via Samba have no shell access, and
this alias for rm command is not working.

So my proposal is to add entry to samba.conf, where I can specify 
file deletion script. If empty, then you delete file on standard way, 
but when filled, then the script will be responsible for file deleting.
This will be similar solution as you already have for adding 
and removing users and machines accounts.

For my users this will be very helpfull.

Maybe you will find better solution, than is my proposal.
Thank you for the Samba suite, its great.

Looking forward for your answer.

Best regards,
Tomas Polak
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