[Samba] Logon script, help please

Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Wed May 5 08:35:38 GMT 2004

Ah, thanks John (and others).

You are correct... it is just a fileserver.  I hadn't realised that just connecting to a share was not the same as logging in (I'm quite new to Linux/Samba).  So I will now look at whether I need to set it up as a domain controller or if I will just leave a batch file in a common directory for users to sync their clocks when needed.

Again, many thanks for your assistance.

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  >I'm having trouble getting a logon script to work... 

  I think you've got at least two problems that I can identify... 

  >I have created a DOS batch file (timesync.bat) and placed it in the scripts
  >directory of the server. 

  What is "the" scripts directory?  You can't just put the login script in an arbitrary directory which happens to be named "scripts". 

  >Looking at the Samba/SWAT help file it mentions "The script must be a
  >relative path to the [netlogon] service" but I don't have/can't find
  >anything to do with netlogon ! 

  Exactly.  [netlogon] must be a file share defined on your samba server.  Then you need to put the logon script somewhere in that share, so that client PCs can connect to [netlogon] to access it. 

  >My smb.conf "Globals" section is:- 

  You can't use the "login script" unless users are actually "logging on" to the server. Perhaps I'm missing something, but this doesn't look like a domain controller (or win9x logon server) configuration to me.  It looks like an ordinary fileserver setup.  Connecting to a share on a fileserver is not "logging in". 

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