[Samba] Samba without netbios/WINS

Ron Carver rcarver at www.IN.gov
Tue May 4 21:42:12 GMT 2004

I am running samba (2.2.7a) on a solaris box on a network seperate from 
our windows clients.  (different subnet)  We have a mix of Win2k and 
winXP clients that are connecting to it. 

I recently upgraded from NT 4.0 domains to active directory on Win2K 
servers, and I would like to completely do away with netbios and WINS.  
The problem is getting clients to connect to the samba server.  I have 
tried disabling wins in the config, and proxying DNS, and disabling 
netbios over tcp.  when I do that I cannot find or connect to the samba 

they are also using different methods of authentication. (AD for the 
windows domain, LDAP for the unix servers)  I am in the process of 
moving all authentication to AD, but its not near done yet.

The question is...

Can the 2.2 series support DNS only (no wins or netbios)?
If so, must I be running DDNS?
If 2.2 cannot do it, can the 3.0.X series?  and what are the problems 
with upgrading?  (my samba install is standard, /usr/local/samba)

Ron Carver

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