[Samba] domain member server problems

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue May 4 20:41:21 GMT 2004

Sounds like LDAP is exactly what he's looking for.

On your all-unix network, you could have any one of many central 
authentication mechanisms doing the data storage, but unless I'm 
mistaken, LDAP is the only one that works out-of-the-box.  And yes, I am 
willing to admit that LDAP doesn't work out exactly 'out of the box'.

First things first though, you may want to get the <whatever os> 
machines working with straight LDAP for unix authentication first, 
rather than going for the whole ball of wax at once.  Set up your PDC as 
the primary LDAP server and then make the rest of them ldap clients.  
It's a lot easier to troubleshoot samba later if you know your LDAP is 
tightly set up first.

Sandor Feher wrote:

>Hi folks,
>A friend of mine has one samba PDC and about ten member server around this 
>PDC. The only problem he has that he has to add the new users on every 
>member server instead of main them only on the PDC. So how can get member 
>servers synchronized. He uses samba password authentication. I think using 
>ldap could be the ultimate solution. I'm wondering your opinion.
>thanks., Sandor 

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