[Samba] Cant get Samba 2.2.7a to work with DOS Lanman 2.1 Client

Billy Davis bdavis at cds-corp.com
Tue May 4 13:00:18 GMT 2004

We have just installed Samba on RH 9 and it appeared
to install properly.  When we attempt to login with:
    smbclient //myserver/myfolder
we get a successful connection.

We also have a DOS client on the same network,
that is running LanMan 2.1.   At the DOS prompt, when we
enter 'net', a window displays that has a 'browse' selection.
When we select 'browse', we see a list of all users in the
workgroup, including the Samba server.  However, when
we select the Samba Server, we get this message:

Error 53: The computer name sepcified in the network
    path cannot be located.

The Server can successfully ping the DOS client, and the
DOS client can successfully ping the Server.  The Server
name and IP address were added to the DOS 'lmhosts'
file, and the DOS client was added to the Server /etc/hosts

We have a disk share named 'hostpc' set up on the Server,
and the 'smbclient -L bigdog' command will display the share.

On the DOS client, when we enter:
    net use G: \\bigdog\hostpc

we get the same error 53 message.

Attached is a copy of the smb.conf file.

Can anyone tell us what we have missed in the setup?



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