[Samba] Invalid ICMP type 3 to broadcast

Walkowiak Thibaud thibaud.walkowiak at cr-franche-comte.fr
Tue May 4 11:03:23 GMT 2004


In first, sorry for my very bad English! (I use a translator French to
English for the next of this message)

I have to look at the description of protocol ICMP under Linux
#man ICMP
It explains that one can decontaminate the send of all requests
ICMP_ECHO sent at an address of broadcast.
With this intention it is necessary to go in the directory:
#cd /proc/sys/net/ipv4

Next, it is necessary to modify the file:
Then put the value at one

Next, I all the same tried to start again the following services: 

But, the taking into account of the modification was effective only at
the time of the restarting of the server.

While hoping that the easy way too tardily did not arrive, spend a good


For information, the message "invalid ICMP type 3, code 3 error ..."
	According RFC 792 : 	type 3 seems "Destination Unreachable
					code 3 seems "Port unreachable"

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