SOME Suggestions on [Samba] Can't the very basic stuff to work

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Mon May 3 21:12:26 GMT 2004

Hello Tim,

I have verified and recreated your problem.
As soon as I switch SAMBA option security=share , I have
exactly the same problems like you,
when trying to access a SAMBA share
via Windows "Add Network Places"

The only option I have to logon is
(DOOMIT is the NetBIOS Name of my samba server).

HOWEVER: There *aren't any* problems, if I try
to map the share as network drive (via Win explorer) when
SAMBA option security=share.

In Windows Explorer Menu: Tools->Map Network Drive
Click on the "Connect using different user name"
and enter a valid SAMBA user name and password.
Then enter the network path to the share
in the "Folder" Field of the "Map Network Drive" Dialog
click finish and that's it. 

Things are different when SAMBA option security=user.
Then I do *not* have any problems to access the share
via "add network places". Here a login-dialog is
displayed where you can enter a user name and password.
Mapping network drive via Windows Explorer also works w/o
any problem.

BTW: I think that in your smb.conf there might by a error:

from your posting of smb.conf you have
valid users = tim chrissy

however, according to the on-line documentation, names in the
valid user parameter have to be separated by comma (,)
So it should be
valid users = tim, chrissy

I hope this helps!


P.S. Perhaps a developer should take a look on this!!

>>Thanks, but I am still having the same problem -- I made sure to reference
>>the correct passwd file, but WinXP is still forcing me to logon as

>>Subject: SOME Suggestions on [Samba] Can't the very basic stuff to work

>>Hello Tim,

>>I have read your posting on the samba mailing list.
>>I suggest that you put following lines in your
>>encrypt password = yes
>>smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
>>passwd program = /bin/passwd %u
>>CAUTION: The above paths to the smbpasswd and passwd file 
>>are related to my system. They differ from distribution to
>>distribution. So on your Linux system the paths may be different.
>>you may determine the path to those files by
>>find / -name smbpasswd
>>find / -name passwd
>>Now make sure that you have on your Linux system the users
>>who shall have access to teh SAMBA Shares.

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