[Samba] Changed UIDs from winbind after server reboot!

Herb Lewis hlewis at panasas.com
Mon May 3 16:14:29 GMT 2004

Sounds like your idmap file is being removed on reboot.
run testparm -sv | grep directory
and see where the lock directory is located. Make sure
the file winbindd_idmap.tdb in this directory is not
getting removed somehow on reboot. Check your winbindd
log file to see if there are errors there.

angela.gavazzi at goetheanum.ch wrote:
> I set up a samba 3.0.2 server as member server in a NT4 Domain.
> Winbind works great and I can "use" the NT Domain users for all I need.
> At the moment I'm testing different shares with their permissions.
> The Samba will also be our printserver, so I set up also cups and added
> the printers to samba with cupsaddsmb - Great tool! . Users could
> connect and all worked fine.
> After a reboot I had to do after adding a kernel option (RTC),
> suddenly the test user told me that they could 
> no longer connect to the shares and the printers.
> When looking I found out, that all permissions where changed.
> The first time I thought I did a big mistake because
> working too long in the night. :-)
> 2 Days later I rebooted the server again - and had the same thing.
> Alls permissions where changed.
> I tested stopping samba and winbind - nothing strage happened.
> Then I rebooted the server again - and a lot of UID changed again.
> Did I missunderstood completely the function of winbind or is
> there something wrong here?

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