[Samba] Cannot sync browser list

Norbert Gomes Norbert.Gomes at orleans-tours.iufm.fr
Mon May 3 09:19:53 GMT 2004


I made exactly the same things and got the same messages on Friday but 
they totally disappeared today (all the clients were turned off this 

The old server's IP adress may have stayed active on a client (a mistery 
of NetBIOS ?)

Maybe the solution is to turn off all the clients during a certain 
amount of time



Frode Lillerud a écrit :

>Samba 3.0.2a, Debian linux, 2.6.x kernel, PDC server, WinXP clients
>I'm setting up a PDC server, and it's also acting as a browse master.
>A few days ago the computer was given the IP adress by our DHCP
>Since then I've changed the network to use 192.168.1.x IP's instead, and
>the server has now got as it's IP.
>But, even though I've restarted the server several times I get the
>following in my log.nmbd. Note that there is NO computer
>anywhere on the net.
>[2004/04/29 15:34:05, 0]
>  become_domain_master_browser_wins:
>  Attempting to become domain master browser on workgroup LILLESTROM,
>[2004/04/29 15:34:05, 0]
>  become_domain_master_browser_wins: querying WINS server from IP
> for domain master browser name LILLESTROM<1b> $
>[2004/04/29 15:34:06, 0]
>  become_domain_master_query_success:
>  There is already a domain master browser at IP for workgroup
>LILLESTROM registered on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET.
>How can I get this to work properly??

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