[Samba] Administering a Linux domain member in a NT domain, as a "Domain Admin"

Tarjei Huse tarjei at nu.no
Sun May 2 21:12:09 GMT 2004

> Now, I've come to the issue of expecting that a "Domain Admin" should be
> able to administer the Linux workstation much like a "Domain Admin"
> administers a Windows workstation on a domain.  I've seen several
> examples where the domain admin users are added to the "root" group for
> the Linux workstation; the problem is, that most files/commands on the
> (Fedora) Linux workstation are, by default, "usable" only by the root
> user and not by the root group; i.e.
> One thing I thought of was to run a script that updates the system so
> that all files owned by root are changed so that the root group has the
> same permissions as the root user for that file...but I don't think
> that's a good solution because I'll probably have to run that script
> every time I install something new.
> Has anyone got suggestions/ideas/comments?
Well, this depends on what you want, but I suggest you look into sudo. It should be simple to set up and you get full loging of your actions as a nice bonus :-)

> Kevin

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