[Samba] smbmnt as user

Lance Dial lcdial at earthlink.net
Sun May 2 16:58:37 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I read in the smbmnt man page that:
"A setuid smbmnt will only allow mounts on directories owned by the 
user, and that the user has write permission on."
I am trying to set up a mount on /mnt/laptop.  I have given my users 777 
permissions on the directory, but it is owned by root.  Is there any way 
that I can work around this.  It appears from the man page that smbmnt 
will only work where the users have write permissions and own the 
directory.  Has anyone come up with a way around this -- or does it 
offer some security benefit that makes it worthwhile.  Thanks!

Lance Dial

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