[Samba] Which verson should I go for?

Tim Booher tbbooher at cox.net
Sat May 1 15:12:21 GMT 2004

I have 1 windows pc and 1 windows laptop. I want to share files off a

common directory and have passwords managed by a domain. I also want to

share two printers (hp deskjets).


I installed the default that came with fedora core 1 3.0.1? I believe. I

got the message after changing the password. I then installed the latest

3.0.3 -- then had problems with two versions installed. I am ready to

start from scratch -- which version should I go for?


Also what distro? I know it's a personality thing - I want a quick set-up
minimal hassels. Also some initial smb.conf ideas would be cool.


Thanks, tim

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