Resolved --> RE: [Samba] Samba 3 PDC + OpenLDAP + Mandrake 10.0

Wisudanto C Suntoyo wisudanto at
Sat May 1 04:55:33 GMT 2004

Hi All....

Resolved the current issues on my MDK 10.0 systems

1. I installed a fresh samba-3.0.3 from source since it was available, 
and a thread in this list stated printing problems 
on a Mdk 10.0 w/ smb3....

2. I found out from threads of this list that computer accounts 
cannot be separated from user accounts' container in the LDAP tree.... 
A bug is it????? 

so i started over 
- emptying the LDAP database 
- made minor changes in the smb.conf stating the computers dn to users dn 
- enter LDAP bind password w/ smbpasswd -w mypa555555
- View new SID in secrects tdb
- modify the smbldap-tools confiurtion file to state computers dn 
  in the users dn and New SID
- populating the database with smbldap-populate 
- change Administrator uidNumber to 0 
- setting Administrator Password

Join smb3 PDC to Domain --> success
Join WinXP Pro Ws to Domain --> success

Thanks, Wisu

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Did you add your root account using smbpasswd -a root?  If so check to make
sure you have a root=administrator entry in the /etc/samba/smbusers file.
Try these steps first and let me know.


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