[Samba] How to setup a more than one domain.

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Sat May 1 03:21:51 GMT 2004

Unless I missed something really large... you can have exactly one 
domain per server, same with windows.

What exactly are you trying to gain by having completely seperate 
domains.  You could most likely use UNIX groups to get most of the 
security restrictions and customizations you want.  Properly configuring 
shares and/or filesystem level security will allow you to do a lot of 
what a sane configuration would need, and with some creativity, you can 
meet insane requirements too ;)

marcusv wrote:

>Hi there guys. 
>Can someone Please point me to a HOW TO,
>I have about 30 users they are all divided into departments.
>The above mentioned will also be used as Domains.
>How can this be done.
>And it there a front-end tool that I can use to create a domain and
>users to it.
>PS* I currently have Webmin install.

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