[Samba] window xp samba 3.0.2a

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Wed Mar 31 21:04:05 GMT 2004

jmendez at vips4kids.org schrieb:
> Hi listers
> have a couple questions about adding machines to asamba system
> i have gotten very inconsistent results from the server
> i added a large number of machines to the network with out problems,
> repeating the exact procedures for other system, does not seem to produce
> the expected results
> in addition one of the machines which previously worked with samba and the
> domain now does not
> whats even more interesting is the same machine which provides the dhcp
> services also does samba services and we can ping the server with both ip
> address and host name however
> when we try to access samba shares or the samba domain is says either the
> network path is not found or
> the domain controller for my domain can not be found
> tried flushdns and rewing ip address
> i have not patched the registry as i have no needed this patch for other
> machines
> just note to add that all the shares and profiles work properly for every
> other xp machine which i initially added save this one
> thanks for the help
> please help
what does your logs say?
best regards

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