[Samba] Windows printing problems to Samba3.2

Gerald Drouillard GerryList at Drouillard.ca
Wed Mar 31 01:35:51 GMT 2004

Clay Fandre wrote:
> Errr, I'm running version 3.0.2a BTW. Not 3.2.
> http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/hppd/hpux/Networking/Misc/samba-3.0.2a/
> On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Clay Fandre wrote:
>>Help! I'm in the process of migrating my companies Windows NT print
>>server to Samba 3.2. (yea) But I'm running into a few problems. (boo)
>>I've searched the archives and google with no success...

A simple work around seems to duplicate the printer in cups and just 
change the name.  Then have the windows clients that are having the 
problem use the new samba unc for the port.  I have upgraded two sites 
from 2.x to 3.x and both have been having this problem.  I see that some 
work has been done in the next version of Samba with printing, but I am 
not sure if it addresses the problem we have been having.  Another 
strange thing about this problem is that it only seems to occur with 
window client printing (Word, Wordpad, etc.) but using the "copy /b 
//printerserver/printer" command works.

Gerald Drouillard

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