[Samba] What's the solution? Multiple users accessing Samba from terminal server

Ciarochi, Anthony anthony.ciarochi at intel.com
Tue Mar 30 22:10:32 GMT 2004

I've seen a lot of mention of this problem on this list, and via google,
but no solutions that I can follow.  Can somebody please clue me in?


I have a terminal server, with multiple users, who need to access shares
from a Samba server.  The first user has no problem, but subsequent
users fail, unless I first kill the smbd process.


Important trivia (maybe):


1 - We did not have this problem until we migrated our authentication
from NT4 domain controllers to Active Directory.


2 - We only have this problem on Win2k terminal servers.  XP systems,
single user Win2k systems, and Win2003 terminal servers are OK.


3 - If one user has a drive mapped, and we kill smbd to allow a second
user to map a drive, the first user CAN STILL MAP A DRIVE.  This can be
repeated over and over, to get many people mapped, but it is obviously a
pain, and appears to have a temporary effect (apparently something
cached somewhere)


4 - If we change the netbios name in smb.conf between each user, then we
can also get multiple users to map drives.


5 - Our Samba servers are running Solaris 2.6, Samba v 2.2.8a




- A

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