[Samba] Can't re-add NT box to domain

Chris Tepaske chris at lincom.net.au
Tue Mar 30 21:58:43 GMT 2004

Maybe then your problem isn't samba but your NT box. To confirm this see if
you cam remove an existing domain member from the domain and then re-join
it. If that works then you have a problem with that NT 4 box and you will
probably need to re-build or if it fails then you have a problem with your
Samba PDC. Just a way of narrowing down the problem.



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> From:  "Chris Tepaske" <chris at lincom.net.au>
> Date:  Tue, 30 Mar 2004 15:58:24 +1000
> Can you join other computers to the domain?

Yes, all the 2000 and XP boxes are fine.  It's just this one box.


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