[Samba] Need Samba 3.0.0 help

lea at lig.net lea at lig.net
Tue Mar 30 21:40:33 GMT 2004

I do not have access to all the NT or XP machines that connect and map drives.
 We are not the administrators.
I did turn it off on one of the XP's that we have.  There was no change.
Any other suggestions?  Possibly something on the server?


On Tue, March 30, 2004 3:41 pm, Jason Balicki said:
> Turn off the "webclient" service on your windows clients.
> This has been known to "hang" machines when connecting
> to Samba shares.
> HTH,
> --J(K)
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>>Hello all....
>>I need help and I'm just about at my wits end.
>>First let me state that I can not give logfiles in email since
>>the Samba
>>servers are on the secure side of my world and contain
>>sensitive information.
>>If by my stating my problem, I am hoping that someone will
>>point me in certain
>>directions that I have not tried.
>>We have two samba servers on our site.  Both are running Samba
>>3.0.0. Sun
>>Server using Solaris 9 Kernel 112233-11.
>>First one is authenticating to a NT PDC. NT domain.  We have
>>NT's that map
>>their drives to this and it works just fine....Users could not
>>be happier.
>>It uses a VERY simple smb.conf file.  The shares are either
>>home or data
>>directories that are automounted via NIS automounts on our Sun
>>or SGI servers
>>.   Shares to our servers are functional.
>>Second one is authenticating to a Windows 2K Server. Windows
>>2K domain. We
>>have NT's and W2K's and XP's This does not work well.  It did
>>but for some
>>reason it just stopped working.  We have no clue what the
>>problem is, but have
>>to pinpoint the problem.
>>We work with various domains on our site and we do not have
>>administrator to
>>the windows desktops.
>>We do have the Administrator rights on the Windows 2K server.
>>Not that this
>>helps....I have no clue what I am doing on the Windows side.
>>We use the SAME smb.conf file with a few changes.  The
>>workgroup = 2Kdomain,
>>the netbios name is different.
>>Both servers were setup for:
>>  workgroup = <nt or 2k domain>
>>  encrypted passwords = yes
>>  update encrytped = yes
>>  password server = <one or two>
>>  passwd chat debug = yes
>>  log level = 5
>>  log file  = /var/adm/samba.log
>>  name resolve order = host
>>  deadtime = 10
>>  path = /home/%u
>>  read only = No
>>  browseable = No
>>All other shares just like homes...very simple.
>>What happens is that we start the #2 Samba server...  smbd and
>>nmbd start....
>>All ok...so far
>>On the windows side in a Command window  do a # net view
>>  see shares.  there is hope!
>>Map network drive from NT or XP...   All ok so far
>>drill down to any directory....   it hangs on the windows side.
>>If I try to create a new folder... it hangs on the windows
>>side.  If you look
>>at the Home directory on the Unix side, it created the directory.
>>You can kill the smbd process for the user on the unix server
>>and it will
>>release the process from the Windows box but you then have to
>>Disconnect the
>>network drive and remap it.  Not that you would want to since
>>it does not
>>I got the bright idea today to join the samba server to the
>>domain.  So I did
>>that by issuing the command:
>> net join -w 2Kdomain -U Administrator
>>It asked for the password..I put it in....
>>It stated:
>>Joined domain 2Kdomain
>>This did not work either...
>>So that is about it....Just a note about the LOG files....
>>Everytime I drill down in the directories, the logfile lists
>>all the files of
>>that directory.  It even states that I was trying to open a
>>.txt file even
>>though it didn't open.
>>Any ideas?  I have customers that are developing in the Win2K
>>customers are rather ticked...so I have to resolve this.
>>Thanks for any assistance...
>>Lea Bavaro
>>Lea at lig.net
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