[Samba] samba is extremly slow! (a bit long)

Preisinger Áron aron at tgi.hu
Tue Mar 30 15:24:01 GMT 2004

David Brodbeck wrote:

> The first thing I would do is rule out a network problem.  Try using 
> FTP or
> SCP to copy a file to and from the Samba server from another machine.  If
Oke, thats correct, but is in the normal usage of clients not in copy 
from server to server..

> that's slow, too, you need to check your network for problems.  Incorrect
> duplex settings are one possibility.  (A computer set to full-duplex 
> talking
> to a half-duplex hub, or a switch set to full-duplex talking to a 
> computer
> set to half.  The collisions will only show up on the half-duplex end.)
All of our cards are 3c905c or newer and fullduplex switches.

> It's common for a network with a bad cable or other problems to seem 
> to work
I will test the cables, but I don't think they are wrong.

> fine for moving small files or ping packets around, but to break down 
> under
> a heavier load.
> What types of files are you seeing this problem with?  If you're using
> shared database type files, like Microsoft Access MDB or Paradox DB 
> files,
> you should veto oplocks for those file types.
All of the files what we want to use(example .xls, .doc, .txt, and other 
files of not M$ specific apps). Sometimes the big files are doing the 
same with one user only.
I'll try the veto oplocks for the most frequently used files.

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