[Samba] Purpose of param. "time server" ?

Raphaël RIGNIER admin.prepa.cpe at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 30 09:40:35 GMT 2004

By default, Windoze XP Pro Workstations look for the (S)NTP service on the
PDC to synchronize with.
If your Samba server is a PDC, then yes, you could use this option and
configure NTP service on the Samba Box. There is nothing to do with your XP
pro workstations, if tey are members of the domain.

If your workstations are XP Home or in Workgroup mode, it is NOT automatic.
You must configure the w32time service to syncrhonize to the IP address of
your local NTP server (by default it's time.microsoft.com or something like

To see exactly what your Windows workstation is doing with time, you can use
w32time service in debug mode


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-> > Yes, ntp is the solution, but my original question was 
-> what is purpose 
-> > of that fucking option ?!
-> I would say, have you tried reading the fucking documentation? :)
-> >>>>>> from smb.conf <<<<<<
->     time server (G)
->     This parameter determines if nmbd(8) advertises itself 
-> as a time server to Windows clients.
->     Default: time server = no
-> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
-> There.  It looks like an *NMBD* option more than an *SMBD* option.
-> =R=
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