[Samba] Re: Cluster Samba print servers

Zylo shiningzylo at caramail.com
Tue Mar 30 09:38:24 GMT 2004

According to the samba howto collection, dynamic load balancing seems to be
a bad solution : one printer should have only one queue.
If you want to have failover : usually a shared disk is used. The disk is
mounted by the active machine. On this disk, you may have all your
executables and config files, and spool space. You may start the daemons
with a script (problem with swat).
The names of the queues should be the same on the 2 machines. (the same, the
better : hard / soft / users....) Of course one instance of samba should be
working at a time.
It's better if you are able to take the IP of the failed machine. If you
have no shared disk, may be regular copy of all the files is sufficient.
Your problem is not only a printer problem, it's a general samba failover
My 2cts.


"Tim" <timrussell at rocketmail.com> a écrit dans le message de
news:loom.20040326T195354-910 at post.gmane.org...
> I should add that we have no intention of using these servers for file
> (except for the hidden print$ share). These are strictly print servers.
> I noticed Red Hat Cluster Manager states it doesn't support failover of
> shares....how come?
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