[Samba] Printing

Amy A. sambalist at ash.st
Tue Mar 30 05:23:27 GMT 2004


After installing the latest 10.0 mandrake with the 2.6 kernel, we seem to be 
having some difficulty printing from any windows 2000 machines.  No problem 
loging onto the network, accessing any file...just printing from any windows 
2000 machines.  I got the 'heads up' with possible printing problems with 
win98 machines, so I took the same corrective steps.
I added printers to my cups with all uppercase letters.  Restarted cups and 
samba, all was recognized and looked great.  I rebooted one of the 
windows2000 clients, went to add a printer......the only printers even 
showing as 'possible candidates' to add to the client were the ones already 
installed!  It would not allow me install any of the old printers (that were 
not already on the client) or any of the new ones I had just put in.  

Has anyone run into this problem at all? Any help would be greatly 

Amy A.

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