[Samba] Data Migration NT -> Linux

Schlomo Schapiro samba at schlomo.schapiro.org
Mon Mar 29 18:54:39 GMT 2004


do you use rsync on Windows and sync between the disk and a samba share or 
do you run an rsync server and use rsync in client-server mode ?

Another option would be to use another syncing tool, like 
http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/ or 

Maybe better even just turn off the old PDC and put the HDs into the linux 
box (or did you span one partition over multiple disks ?) and then copy 
locally under Linux - Your Terabyte will be copied in a few hours.


On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 sgtphou at fire-eyes.dynup.net wrote:

> Quoting Michael Gasch <gasch at eva.mpg.de>:
> > hi
> >
> > after successfully migrating users and groups from NT to Samba v3 i'm
> > looking for a way to transfer some 1TB data from our old NT PDC to the
> > newer one - Samba
> >
> > just copying the data doesn't work, because we have to ensure data
> > consictency (and we can't switch the NT PDC off on a weekend to copy it,
> > because it would take too long [some old MAC shares included and the PDC
> > just has a 100MBit interface] )
> >
> > our thought was: rsyncing it slightly over some weeks and then, on one
> > weekend, take the NT PDC from the net and copy the last modified data
> > (apromimately 100GB) - so we could be in time
> >
> > but i red about some problems running rsync between different operating
> > systems, so i want to ask, which way you prefered (and walked) ?!?!
> >
> > permissions and so on don't matter, we need just raw files
> >
> > thx in advance
> >
> > greez
> I just wanted to confirm the strange issues when using rsync to copy files over
> samba between different operating systems. I was the author of that post, and I
> think I posted it three times here. Unfortunately I never got any useful
> replies, and as of now, I have found I can't rely on it.
> I am not sure if the problem is in samba, rsync, or a combination of both, or
> maybe something on the windows machine.
> If you have some time to try checking into this, please let me know, I'm very
> anxious to figure out what's going on here. I still have my notes if you want
> those.


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