[Samba] problems with changing Unix UID's and Samba acting as a PDC

Manny kaiser mkaiser at amcc.com
Mon Mar 29 17:03:19 GMT 2004

I am using samba 2.2.1a in the following environment:
Solaris 8+RedHat 8+win2k/XP clients
files are on a Network Appliance fileserver
The samba server is used as a PDC for authentication with the NIS server.
We don not have a windows server.

Recently I was asked to change the Unix UID's of our employees.
On the Unix side you modify NIS and run the chown command on all the 
users files. I than removed the samba account and recreated it with the 
smbpasswd command.
What happened on the PC side was that when the user logged into his PC 
the users original profile was not "accepted". The PC created a new 
directory in the Documents and Settings directory and named it:

I attempted to use xcopy to copy the files from  username.domain_name 
directory to the username.domain_name000 directory, but still 
encountered all kinds of problems.

has anyone encountered this problem?
Can anyone help me out?

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