[Samba] Data Migration NT -> Linux

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Mon Mar 29 14:33:08 GMT 2004


after successfully migrating users and groups from NT to Samba v3 i'm 
looking for a way to transfer some 1TB data from our old NT PDC to the 
newer one - Samba

just copying the data doesn't work, because we have to ensure data 
consictency (and we can't switch the NT PDC off on a weekend to copy it, 
because it would take too long [some old MAC shares included and the PDC 
just has a 100MBit interface] )

our thought was: rsyncing it slightly over some weeks and then, on one 
weekend, take the NT PDC from the net and copy the last modified data 
(apromimately 100GB) - so we could be in time

but i red about some problems running rsync between different operating 
systems, so i want to ask, which way you prefered (and walked) ?!?!

permissions and so on don't matter, we need just raw files

thx in advance



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