[Samba] Small problem with XP client

Uwe Bering edv at lwv-friedberg.de
Mon Mar 29 13:34:46 GMT 2004

Hi there,

Am 29 Mar 2004 um 14:00 hat Guenther Deschner geschrieben:

> > While the user can log on o.k., every time they do, notepad fires up and 
> > opens desktop.ini for editing.
I encountered the same Problem on a Samba 3.0.2a an WinXP clients. It 
seems to be a Problem (?) of WinXP when creating a roaming 
userprofile for the first time.

When the user was logged and had closed the editor windows, he had to 
delete the entries of 'desktop(.ini)' in the windows start menu and 
in the autostart folder of the start menu.

After deleting these entries they never appeared again...


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